PB125, the Next Generation Nrf2 Activator


- PB125® is a safe, potent Nrf2 activator containing active ingredients carnosol, withaferin A, and luteolin. These ingredients are derived from natural plants. They were extensively studied for their synergistic properties in Pathways Bioscience's laboratory.

- This proprietary combination of phytochemical ingredients is patent pending.

- Recommended dosage is once-a-day, with each bottle containing a 60-day supply.


We have demonstrated that:

- PB125 is a potent Nrf2 activator in vitro and in vivo.

- PB125 upregulates cell-protective genes by activating the Nrf2 pathway

- PB125 decreases markers of inflammation by activating antioxidant and other protective genes

- PB125 exhibits beneficial effects in multiple cell types, in-vivo models, and human subjects.  

TBARS no bkgd7 and legend.png

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are among the most easily oxidized molecules in our bodies, and they are especially vulnerable to attack by free radicals. Their oxidation produces TBARS, which are widely used as a sensitive measure of oxidative stress. The oxidation of PUFAs is why dead fish begin to smell bad very quickly! It is also why omega-3 fatty acid supplements may start out as fish oil but can quickly oxidize and turn into TBARS supplements.

TBARS in your body gradually increase as you age, indicating a decrease in Nrf2-regulated pathways and a rise of oxidative stress.